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Indiana Beach Looks Great for it’s 90th Season

Indiana Beach in Monticello, Indiana has been hard at work spiffing things up for their upcoming 90th season. Baynum Painting’s team lent a helping hand by giving several of their water rides bright new finishes inside and out. It’s going to be a great summer!


Indoor Water Park Painting @kalahariresorts

Painting at indoor water parks is a unique and challenging experience but it’s nothing Baynum Painting can’t handle with a team skilled in climbing and rigging experience.  Here’s some interesting pictures that show what it takes to paint inside America’s biggest indoor water park- located at the famous Kalahari Resort in Sandusky Ohio.




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Painting an indoor water park – Wisconsin Dells Chula Vista

Painting at indoor water parks can be uniquely challenging projects, but the crew at Baynum Painting now has several of these great facilities on our resume.  The latest was the famous Lost Rios indoor water park, a Chula Vista Resort at Wisconsin Dells.  Working on various stages of the structural steel coatings throughout the facility, as well as the incredible Flyan Mayan roller coaster, Baynum Painting’s team was thrilled to be a part of renovating such an awesome park.

Whether it’s repair / remediation of rust corroded surfaces, restoration of your bright color schemes due to UV fading and chlorine exposure, or cleaning and painting those difficult to access surfaces requiring our skilled climbing and rigging experience – you can be sure that Baynum Painting has the team to safely and quickly provide the best possible solution to your water park needs.

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Painting an indoor water park – Kalahari Resorts

Baynum Painting’s crew can currently be seen working inside America’s Largest Indoor Water Park – located at the famous Kalahari Resort in Sandusky Ohio.  Seen here is Andrew’s crew preparing the gigantic ceiling grid structure for painting – this unusual project requires lots of time, meticulous preparation – and only the most durable coating products available in order to withstand the conditions of this type of unique environment.  All just another day’s work for Baynum Painting’s crew, specializing in painting the Amusement Industry for 30+ years!

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kalahari ceiling

Water Park Slide Painting – Hurricane Harbor

This winter Baynum Painting has been working hard at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington Texas, adding fresh coatings to a couple of their great water slide attractions.  Check out these impressive before and after shots of the Blue Raider and Blue Niagara slides:

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blue raider before blue raider after blue raider 2 before blue raider 2 after niagara l before niagara l after niagara r before niagara r after raider top raider top before

Painting a Lazy River – Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

In preparation for the busy summer crowd, Baynum Painting has just completed refinishing the Lazy River pool at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington Texas.

Our Ultra-High Pressure Washing system was brought in (capable of up to 40,000 PSI), and made quick work of removing the faded former coating.  Next our crew applied a full coat of Comex Group’s E-10 High Solids Epoxy, and just like that the Lazy River is transformed and ready for opening.