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Jaguar- Painted at Night

What do you do when a ride needs a brand new look but the park is open to visitors? We paint at night! Jaguar at Knotts Berry Farm got a complete color makeover while guests still enjoyed it during the day! Painting at night has it’s own set of challenges but Baynum Painting has the experience to do it with ease.

Valravn- Cedar Point’s newest addition is awesome!

We are thrilled to have had a hand in getting this record-breaking dive coaster ready to fly. Make sure you check it out this summer!

Interview with Cincinnati’s Business Watch

Chris Baynum, owner of Baynum Painting talks with Cincinnati’s Business  Courier about the skills and experience that are needed to do what they do- PAINT ROLLER COASTERS!


Painting Coney Island Cyclone – updated progress pictures

Baynum Painting’s crew has made excellent progress painting the famous Cyclone at Coney Island New York over the past several weeks, check out some of our updated pictures as the project quickly nears completion.  What a beautiful roller coaster!

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Interview with Chris on Roller Coaster Painting

Check out a great interview that aired this week, as Baynum Painting owner Chris discusses the roller coaster painting business, and his excitement over the Coney Island Cyclone project, with the folks at WCPO:  video at top of article

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Painting an indoor water park – Wisconsin Dells Chula Vista

Painting at indoor water parks can be uniquely challenging projects, but the crew at Baynum Painting now has several of these great facilities on our resume.  The latest was the famous Lost Rios indoor water park, a Chula Vista Resort at Wisconsin Dells.  Working on various stages of the structural steel coatings throughout the facility, as well as the incredible Flyan Mayan roller coaster, Baynum Painting’s team was thrilled to be a part of renovating such an awesome park.

Whether it’s repair / remediation of rust corroded surfaces, restoration of your bright color schemes due to UV fading and chlorine exposure, or cleaning and painting those difficult to access surfaces requiring our skilled climbing and rigging experience – you can be sure that Baynum Painting has the team to safely and quickly provide the best possible solution to your water park needs.

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Painting Twisted Colossus @SFMagicMountain

Baynum Painting’s team is currently hard at work on the monstrous Twisted Colossus project at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia CA.  Prepping and coating the miles of lumber on a standing wooden coaster is always full of unique challenges, but no other company can boast the professional experience and outstanding safety record of Baynum Painting’s team on these tough projects.  This awesome ride is looking great, and stay tuned as we post additional photos and updates as we near completion in the coming weeks.



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