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Jaguar- Painted at Night

What do you do when a ride needs a brand new look but the park is open to visitors? We paint at night! Jaguar at Knotts Berry Farm got a complete color makeover while guests still enjoyed it during the day! Painting at night has it’s own set of challenges but Baynum Painting has the experience to do it with ease.

Roller Coaster Painting – Boomerang at Knott’s Berry Farm

Baynum Painting has been hard at work this month at Cedar Fair’s famous Knott’s Berry Farm.  The theme park’s awesome Vekoma roller coaster “Boomerang” is getting a bright new finish along the ride’s 935′ of track, and it’s entire steel support structure.  Check out some photos below of the painting in progress, and be sure to visit our home page for more info on the exciting world of roller coaster painting.

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