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Skyfler painting progress photos

A quick update to our last post – here are some more great photos taken as our team works today on the top arch of the Xtreme Skyflyer at Kings Island:






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Painting The Bat roller coaster at Kings Island

Check out Baynum Painting‘s progress applying the new color scheme for The Bat roller coaster, and it’s station house at Kings Island:


IMG_0005 IMG_0004ki14 ki11 ki7

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Painting Silver Bullet at Knott’s Berry Farm

Baynum Painting has been having an extremely busy winter during the typical “off season” in the Amusement Park industry!  We are currently painting roller coasters in California, Texas, and Ohio, and have several upcoming rides to paint in Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Florida, with even more at our favorite parks in Ohio.

One awesome ride we just finished is the 146′ tall B&M coaster Silver Bullet at Knott’s.  Having recoated the ride entirely at night over the course of several weeks in January, the fresh coat of PPG’s PSX-700 looks absolutely incredible.  Check out some in-progress and finished shots of this great ride:

P1040808 P1040866 P1040812 P1040867 P1040885


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Roller Coaster Painting – Boomerang at Knott’s Berry Farm

Baynum Painting has been hard at work this month at Cedar Fair’s famous Knott’s Berry Farm.  The theme park’s awesome Vekoma roller coaster “Boomerang” is getting a bright new finish along the ride’s 935′ of track, and it’s entire steel support structure.  Check out some photos below of the painting in progress, and be sure to visit our home page for more info on the exciting world of roller coaster painting.

P1030869 P1030866 P1030875 knotts1

Roller Coaster Painters – Kings Island Invertigo

In preparation for the upcoming 2012 season, Cedar Fair’s Kings Island park in Mason OH is giving it’s awesome face to face inverted Boomerang Roller Coaster “Invertigo” a whole new color scheme.  Baynum Painting has been busy at work over what will be a 4 week period applying a full prime and then finish coating in Ameron’s super durable Aliphatic Urethane.  Seen below is Baynum’s crew atop their boom lifts, and hanging suspended in their spider cages.  What a great new look!