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Gel Coating water slides

Water park ride surfaces are subjected to some of the most brutal conditions in the amusement industry.  From harsh UV exposure, submersion in chlorinated water, and near constant guest traffic during peak season, it’s no wonder these rides end up looking so tired and worn out!  gel coat before after

A key component to maintaining not only a water slide’s aesthetic appeal, but also it’s functional integrity – comes from the regular inspection and restoration of worn out fiberglass surfaces, via gel coating.

From sand-blasting and stripping off previously applied coatings along with the original top layer of factory finish, to properly cleaning and preparing the surface for it’s new top coat, there are many important steps required in order to achieve a beautiful and long lasting finish that can proudly be displayed for years to come.

Baynum Painting has 30+ years of history as the amusement industry’s premier coating specialist, and contacting our team of composite coating experts is the best choice you can make when it’s time to maintain your slides and rides.

Check out the video below of gel coating specialist Adam Million applying a much needed new finish on a water slide:

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Painting an icon – Coney Island New York’s famous Cyclone

The world’s most famous roller coaster – Coney Island Cyclone – at Luna Park New York, is receiving some special attention this month from Baynum Painting’s crew.  Over the past several weeks, our 40,000 PSI water jetting / hydro blaster has been on-site, with the Baynum team working hard at prepping and removing 88 years of worn paint coatings and corrosion.  Now that the surface prep is nearing completion, the iconic ride is beginning to show signs of it’s bright new white coating.  PPG’s ultra-durable Amercoat primer is being applied currently, with the glossy new topcoat of PSX ONE coming soon.

We have been especially excited to share this news, as the landmark roller coaster is a favorite, and we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of the ride’s renovation.

Local photographer Jim McDonnell has been taking outstanding in-progress pictures, and shooting some incredible time-lapse footage that we can’t wait to share once the repaint is complete.

Stay tuned for frequent updates as the project progresses – and thanks to everyone involved in making this one happen!

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Painting Top Thrill Dragster @CedarPoint

There are certain roller coasters that need no introduction.  Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster is certainly one of those.  So we’ll cut right to the chase, and say we are thrilled to announce that Baynum Painting has been awarded the project to repaint Top Thrill Dragster.  Our team recently arrived to begin surface prep work, and we wanted to share some of the incredible photos.  As you can imagine, a ride this size will take some time to complete, so we’ll be hanging out (quite literally) atop the coaster for several months:

For the 17 second ride cycle, Top Thrill Dragster is one of the greatest adrenaline rushes a person can get.  Now imagine what it’s like spending all day working from the top!  It’s kinda hard to tell in this pic, but there are 2 of our painters working along the right pillar.  The lower one’s fairly easy to spot.  Look waaaay up top in between the top 2 horizontal cross beams.

Here’s a shot from the side, with both painters running pressure washers:




How about that view from the top!?  Stay tuned for updates, progress reports, and additional details as the project moves forward – and don’t hesitate to contact us at Baynum Painting with questions, or for more information.

Painting @TheOrlandoEye update

Baynum Painting’s crew is now 95% completed with the painting work on Florida’s awesome new Orlando Eye, we CANNOT WAIT to ride this thing next month!

IMG_3795 IMG_3772

Painting a 400′ tall ferris wheel – The Orlando Eye

Seen quickly rising above International Drive in Orlando Florida, is “The Orlando Eye”, a 400′ tall Intamin observation wheel.  Baynum Painting’s team is now on-site ready to start on painting the wheel’s finishing touches, and can’t wait to take a spin on the completed ride once it opens up very soon!

Orlando Eye

Painting the Superman Krypton Coaster @SF_FiestaTexas

Baynum Painting is thrilled to be painting one of our favorite roller coasters in existence, the Superman Krypton Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  We love this ride, as it stands along the awesome quarry walls, and can’t wait to share some bright new progress photos, which will be coming soon.


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Painting over a Shark Tank at Newport Aquarium

It’s not every day that a painter looks down off the ladder they’re working from to see something like this:


Just down the street from Baynum Painting‘s office is one of Northern KY’s greatest attractions, the famous Newport Aquarium, whom we were thrilled to do some painting for this month.  While our team is always fully focused on health & safety at the job site, you can bet that the painters were extra careful with their ladder safety and situational awareness on this project!


We had a blast working with the fine folks at the Newport Aquarium, an awesome facility with beautiful attractions.  Be sure to stop by and check it out next time you’re in Cincinnati!