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Painting a Hair Raiser in Sydney Australia

Baynum Painting’s team is known for going above and beyond for their customers, so when the good folks at Larson International contacted us with an opportunity to repaint one of their  40 meter tall Super Shot Drop Towers, we were all for it!  No one has painted as many amusement park ride towers as Baynum Painting, so this would be no problem.  “Which park is it at?” we asked…  (Here’s a hint, look just above at the top left of their ferris wheel)


So now a short time later our crew is working on the ride known as Hair Raiser, located in Sydney Australia’s Luna Park.  This beautiful park sits on the Sydney Harbor, right across from the famed Opera House.  What a gorgeous view from the top!


The Hair Raiser’s peak is only accessible by rigging our Spider Staging suspended scaffolding, the likes of which Baynum Painting’s team has logged tens of thousands of hours working from over the years.  Seen here is the crew applying a full prime coat of PPG’s Amerlock 2 Epoxy, to be followed by their ultra durable Amershield polyurethane finish in a beautiful new deep blue color, sure to look spectacular once complete.


Stay tuned to our blog for updates over the next several days as the project progresses.  And check out for more info on our team of amusement ride painters, ready and willing to go around the world for our clients.


Gel Coating water slides

Water park ride surfaces are subjected to some of the most brutal conditions in the amusement industry.  From harsh UV exposure, submersion in chlorinated water, and near constant guest traffic during peak season, it’s no wonder these rides end up looking so tired and worn out!  gel coat before after

A key component to maintaining not only a water slide’s aesthetic appeal, but also it’s functional integrity – comes from the regular inspection and restoration of worn out fiberglass surfaces, via gel coating.

From sand-blasting and stripping off previously applied coatings along with the original top layer of factory finish, to properly cleaning and preparing the surface for it’s new top coat, there are many important steps required in order to achieve a beautiful and long lasting finish that can proudly be displayed for years to come.

Baynum Painting has 30+ years of history as the amusement industry’s premier coating specialist, and contacting our team of composite coating experts is the best choice you can make when it’s time to maintain your slides and rides.

Check out the video below of gel coating specialist Adam Million applying a much needed new finish on a water slide:

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Painting @TheOrlandoEye update

Baynum Painting’s crew is now 95% completed with the painting work on Florida’s awesome new Orlando Eye, we CANNOT WAIT to ride this thing next month!

IMG_3795 IMG_3772

Painting a 400′ tall ferris wheel – The Orlando Eye

Seen quickly rising above International Drive in Orlando Florida, is “The Orlando Eye”, a 400′ tall Intamin observation wheel.  Baynum Painting’s team is now on-site ready to start on painting the wheel’s finishing touches, and can’t wait to take a spin on the completed ride once it opens up very soon!

Orlando Eye

Painting a giant frisbee – Delirium at Kings Island

Just in time for the park’s exciting 2014 opening, Baynum Painting’s team has completed a repaint of the giant frisbee ride structure known as Delirium at Kings Island.  We think the 137′ high ride looks excellent with it’s glossy new coat of color, and can’t wait to ride it along with the freshly painted Bat, Xtreme Skyflyer, and Banshee this weekend!

IMG_0002 IMG_0005 IMG_0004 IMG_0006 IMG_0001


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Painting Great Bear at Hersheypark

Check out some photos of the Baynum Painting team hard at work on Great Bear, the awesome steel coaster at Hersheypark :





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Painting the ride cars for Ragin’ Cajun at Six Flags America

Six Flags America has an awesome spinning roller coaster coming to their all new Mardi Gras section in 2014 known as Ragin’ Cajun.  As we are getting ready to coat the track and ride structure, the roller coaster’s unique spin cars can be seen here getting prepared and painted by Baynum Painting’s team.

Along with the new Zydeco Zinger color scheme, we love the look of this new part of Six Flags America, and can’t wait to visit during the open season!

image image image image


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