Roller Coaster Painters

The world’s most famous roller coaster – Coney Island Cyclone – at Luna Park New York, is receiving some special attention this month from Baynum Painting’s crew.  Over the past several weeks, our 40,000 PSI water jetting / hydro blaster has been on-site, with the Baynum team working hard at prepping and removing 88 years of worn paint coatings and corrosion.  Now that the surface prep is nearing completion, the iconic ride is beginning to show signs of it’s bright new white coating.  PPG’s ultra-durable Amercoat primer is being applied currently, with the glossy new topcoat of PSX ONE coming soon.

We have been especially excited to share this news, as the landmark roller coaster is a favorite, and we are absolutely thrilled to be a part of the ride’s renovation.

Local photographer Jim McDonnell has been taking outstanding in-progress pictures, and shooting some incredible time-lapse footage that we can’t wait to share once the repaint is complete.

Stay tuned for frequent updates as the project progresses – and thanks to everyone involved in making this one happen!

Visit for more info about roller coaster painting and the Baynum Painting team –

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Comments on: "Painting an icon – Coney Island New York’s famous Cyclone" (2)

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