Roller Coaster Painters

Found in many of the greatest Amusement Parks around the world, will be a version of Ride Entertainment Group‘s Skycoaster –  which is an awesome pendulum swing ride consisting of a huge steel arch, and a pair of lift cable towers.  Kings Island in Mason OH has one known as Xtreme Skyflyer, which is currently getting a fresh paint job from Baynum Painting’s crew.  While the lower sections are aerial lift accessible, the high arch and top of the cable towers can only be accessed via good old fashioned climbing and rigging.  Shown here are some photos of our skilled team in action, preparing the surface, priming with PPG’s Amerlock 2 epoxy, then and applying a shiny new finish coat of Amercoat 450H.

What a fun project, and what a view from the top!










In this great shot taken from up on the arch, you can see the new paint job on The Bat progressing nicely!


Check us out on Baynum Painting’s home page for additional info, or follow us on twitter @Baynumpainting

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