Roller Coaster Painters

While Baynum Painting‘s team applies the awesome new color scheme to The Bat at Kings Island (formerly Flight Deck), behind the scenes our crews are hard at work transforming the ride’s cars with their new glossy black and orange finish.  Seen here is the black base and interior, with the new bright orange upper body.  Next up will be the silver finish on the accents, and they’ll be ready to hit the track!  We can’t wait to show off some awesome upcoming photos of the ride’s new paint job in progress, as it quickly approaches the park’s spring reopening.  Stay tuned!

image1jpeg image2 IMG_0213 The_Bat_(Kings_Island)

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Comments on: "Painting The Bat cars at Kings Island" (2)

  1. You all have been quite busy this winter! And all over the country too! How much of an impact has all the snow in the north-east had on your work? (I’m particularly interested in any work you are currently doing in PA, MD, NJ, and VA as that’s the area I’m from).

    • Thanks for your comments. We sure can’t wait for this winter to be over, as there are several projects in the NE area that we’ll be starting on this month – stay tuned!

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