Roller Coaster Painters

Painting a Shock Wave

Six Flags over Texas is home to Shock Wave, an awesome 12 story tall steel roller coaster that has thrilled park visitors since 1978.  The highly visible ride (seen just off I-30 in Arlington) is currently getting a bright new coat of color thanks to Baynum Painting’s crew, as seen below.  The ride’s extreme height and terrain limitations mean many areas are only accessible using climbing and advanced rigging techniques.  What a difference the fresh coat of Sherwin Williams’ Fast Clad High Performance Acrylic makes!

Stay tuned for more great photos as this project progresses, along with updates on the park’s famous ‘La Vibora – The Viper’ bobsled ride that we’ll be painting next!

Check out Baynum Painting’s homepage for more details on us.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Sebastian said:

    Wow! Great!!!! more photos please!!!

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