Roller Coaster Painters

Baynum Painting has been hard at work during the off season getting Six Flags New England’s brand new Goliath roller coaster ready for it’s upcoming Spring 2012 launch.  The Vekoma Super Boomerang model coaster reaches nearly 200 feet high on both of it’s towers, and has several inversions and loops along it’s 1200+ feet of track.  Baynum Painting needed approximately 3 months to prep and apply the ride’s glossy new paint job, using Sherwin Williams’ Corothane in order to get the best possible finish during New England’s cold, wet winter weather.  As you can see from the photos below, some of the work was accessible via boom-lift, but most of it required special rigging and good old fashioned climbing to reach.  What a great new addition to the beautiful Agawam Massachusetts skyline!


For more info on Baynum Painting, and to check out a short video of our roller coaster projects, please visit us at  Enjoy!

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