Roller Coaster Painters

Baynum Painting is hard at work completing the painting portion of the interior renovation at the former Border’s Book Store located on the corner of Post & Powell at Union Square in San Francisco.

The space’s new tenant, DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) wanted to utilize the building’s nearly 100 year old interior brick walls in their design.  At first glance this seemed like a bad idea – covered in old buildup, stains, and graffiti, it would be hard to envision leaving brick in this condition exposed on your sales floor.  The usual brick cleaning / resurfacing methods wouldn’t apply – the building is 5 stories high with tenants on other floors, and several other trades hard at work in the same area, so high pressure water or sand/soda/bead grit blasting methods were out of the question due to containment concerns.  Environmental regulations also prohibited the use of acid or other chemical solvents that would be strong enough to produce the desired results.

Seen above is the solution that Baynum Painting decided upon – Dry Ice Blasting.  An environmentally friendly option that’s fast, safe, and it produces excellent results – as you can see in our before and after photos.  There are many uses for dry ice blasting – from food and beverage industry spaces where contamination is a concern, to smoke damage removal, or even cleaning mechanical / electrical equipment without damage or creating fire hazards.  Check out the quick video below of Baynum Painting in action, and contact us today if your commercial or industrial space could benefit from this specialized method of surface preparation.

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